5 Ways to Eat Mustard Greens

5 Ways to Eat Mustard Greens

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Have you ever had mustard greens?

They don’t really sell them in the grocery stores so chances are you’ve probably never seen them or even heard of them.

I, for sure, had never had them before I started researching greens that grow in Texas to plant for the farm. Pete and I saw the seeds and we were like “Sure we’ll plant them. People eat mustard greens right??”

We had no idea what to do with them ourselves, much less tell other people what to do with them!

But after several years of planting them and eating them, I now know exactly what to do with them!!

And I’m going to teach you!

Are you ready to try something new??

What do mustard greens taste like?

These greens definitely don’t get enough attention and have not been the forerunner in the greens department for many folks.

Move over kale…here comes mustard greens!

The greens are sweet on the palette with a super spicy finish. They really do take like Dijon mustard. Mustard greens are delicious in their own right and really get you outside of your comfort zone in the kitchen!!

At baby, leafy green size they are great for salads that add a nice little kick that you like in your spring mix…similar to arugula. At full size, they cook well and do have a bit of a bitter bite. But with the 5 ways to eat Mustard Greens below, you can offset that bitterness.

Are mustard greens good for you?

You betcha.

First off, if I had to pick a classification of veggies that was the absolute best for you, it would be leafy greens. All of them! They grow during the cooler weather months…so fall, winter, and spring here for us Texans. This is the time we need them most because they’re super immune boosting and sickness is higher during these times of the year.

So make sure to eat LOTS of greens!

Not to mention, they’re good for eye and heart health, and have anticancer properties!!!

An all around winner!

Here are some of the best ways to get more of these bad boys in your belly!

5 Ways to Eat Mustard Greens:

1. Eat them raw

They will be excellent mixed in a salad for a little kick or eaten by themselves as a stand alone. If you do this and you want to take that bite off a bit, try using my Mango Lime Salad Dressing recipe. The sweet from the dressing will blend super nicely with the greens.

2. Make a Creamy Mustard Greens Sauce

This creamy deliciousness is awesome drizzled over potatoes or chicken (or pretty much anything!) to make a delectable, savory dish!.

3. Indian Cuisine

I love making different cultural dishes. I find that this really expands my cooking abilities and challenges me to try something new. Here is an awesome post on how to make the greens as an Indian inspired dish.

4. Asian Cuisine

Hands down my most favorite food is Chinese food. Any dish…doesn’t matter! I LOVE it! The mustard greens go awesome in this Asian inspired dish!

5. Make a Greens Powder

Leafy greens are probably the most health beneficial of all veggies…but…they don’t grow during in the heat of the Texas summer. Here’s how you can preserve the greens for summer smoothies or you can add to any salad blends you make.

This is what’s so awesome about eating local and getting to know your farmer…you get to try new things!!

If you try any of these above, I would LOVE to hear from you!! Share your pics with me on Facebook and Instagram or leave a comment below!!

And if you want to grow your own and don’t know where to start, get a copy of our Start Your Garden Workbook…it’s the best place to start!