About Isle Acre Farms

We live for our kids and their health!

And I’m sure you do too – heck, I’d give up a limb to keep them safe and sound.

But it does NOT mean I have to police their food…actually it DOES mean that!

Did you even know that government-approved certified organic food allows for 200 different chemicals?

The only way to know that your food is safe in today’s world is you got to know your farmer personally or grow it yourself.

Yes, even the government-certified foods at the store are NOT trustworthy – they are allowed to use all kinds of dangerous things.

But please know this – we’ve got you!

We raise real food, no chemicals.

We’ll teach you how to guarantee you’re feeding your family the best you can, plus, if you’re ready, to grow it yourself!

How We Got Started Farming

Before having kids, Pete and I were super unhealthy. I think the most romantic dinner I ever made him was ramen noodles in a crockpot! AND I didn’t even turn it on!

We waited for hours for that meal and then had to wait even longer!

When we had our first child, we knew we wanted her to lead a healthy lifestyle and that meant we had to change our ways too.

We started researching “healthy food” and getting more knowledgeable about what is in our food system.

We knew we had to grow it ourselves!

In 2013, we started growing our own vegetables in our 3000 sqft garden in our front yard!!

Yes!! In our front yard! Our neighbors all knew us as the (crazy) people with the garden in the front yard!

Not to mention our first garden bed was a keyhole garden made out of wine bottles!

Our neighbors were definitely excited to get to know us!

We were growing so much that in 2015 we decided to grow for a bigger community.

That was when Isle Acre Farms was born.

Pete always says I turned his hobby into a business!!

But what he really means is I turned his hobby into a lifestyle.

Pete left his almost 20-year career as a paramedic to become a full-time farmer in 2017.

And in the same month, our 3rd child was born!

I know…I told you we are CRAZY!

We have now expanded the farm to 2 acres of vegetable production in the middle of the city and really enjoy working together and spending time together as a family!

That is Pete’s biggest thing about farming is that he can be here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Before he was driving to work during breakfast, at work for lunch, and getting home pretty much to put the kids to bed.

He was missing their lives!

And now he’s home and that means the world to us!

Our Lifestyle

A lot of the recipes we share will be mainly plant-based but feel free to substitute anything you wish. Loads of people have told us that they just added in whatever they could. Even changing some things from cashews to avocados.

We will also help you out with anything else vegetables…like how to grow them yourself or teach your kids to appreciate them more.

You’re in the right place for all things vegetables!

Why Just Vegetables?

We once had a friend bring her niece to the farm and the niece asked her about all the animals we had. She said “No animals, just vegetables.” The niece said “Just vegetables? How useless!”

That little girl left the farm saying “That farm was so much fun! They make vegetables cool!”

And that’s what we want!

To make vegetables cool and to get people eating more of them!

Plus, I have three kids I homeschool…let’s be honest…

I don’t have much time to tend to anything other than vegetables!

But I’m here to help you with your journey to doing more things vegetables!

So yes!!

Let’s make vegetables cool! Let’s get our families excited about it! Are you with me??

Come pick your own

Starting May 2024, we will be doing pick your own veggies!

This is the best way to get out from behind your desk…

The best thing to do with your family…

And the absolute best way to have the most fresh veggies you will ever have!

Join our waitlist here to get notified first of when it opens!