The Best Laundry Detergent to Buy in 2023: Review of Kind Laundry

The Best Laundry Detergent to Buy in 2023: Review of Kind Laundry

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The best laundry detergent to buy in 2023 is something totally unexpected. 

You’ve been living your life looking at brand-name liquid detergent with all the mess and huge jugs. 

And quite frankly, some of those come with warnings that are unimaginably scary and not to mention a huge list of hard-to-understand ingredients. 

In 2023, sustainability is becoming more important than ever and we (as a human race) need to think more outside the box…

Or in this case, outside the jug!

And that’s exactly what the company Kind Laundry did!

Who is Kind Laundry?

Kind Laundry was started by a couple named Angie and Bernard in Canada because they were tired of the way the laundry industry was going.

The list of unnatural ingredients, the jug upon jug of wasteful packaging, and the gooey mess that laundry detergent makes!

Look at my washer…(BTW it’s a washer AND dryer combo! And definitely one of my most prized possessions!)

Liquid laundry detergent peels paint.

But geeze! The mess of liquid laundry detergent just peeled the paint right off of it! And I use a “natural” liquid laundry detergent. 

Angie and Bernard we’re right…we do need something different!

They decided to make their own laundry detergent sheets. 

What are Laundry Detergent Sheets?

The best laundry detergent to buy in 2023 are laundry detergent sheets!

Laundry detergent sheets are literally sheets of dehydrated laundry detergent.

Laundry detergent sheets are small.

It is one little sheet that is super small, 3 ½ in x 4 ½ in, that you just add to your load of clothes.

No more lugging around this large jug of goo!

I literally just stick it in my load and carry it off to the washer!

Because it’s so small and compact, it’s the best laundry detergent to buy for travel!

I had to take my laundry to a friend’s house because our washer froze in the crazy Texas Winter Freeze of 2021 and didn’t want to use up their laundry soap so I was able to bring my own!

What are the Ingredients in the Detergent Sheets?

I am a big proponent of ingredients. People put weird chemicals in things that we are to consume and I just don’t want the weird things.

I have even tried to make my own homemade laundry detergent to minimize the ingredients but it really doesn’t do the job. 

The “natural” detergent I’ve been using now for years has 15 ingredients in it. Fourteen of those ingredients I don’t understand and the first ingredient on the list is water! 

I literally bought it based on the fact that it said “natural” on the container…you should never fall for this by the way!

Kind Laundry only has 4 naturally derived ingredients made from coconut oil! This product has the least amount of ingredients I have ever seen for laundry detergent (minus the homemade ones but again they did not work).

  1. Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate
  2. Fatty Alcohol Polyglycl Ether
  3. Polyvinyl Alcohol
  4. Deionized Water

These ingredients do sound funny and I am no chemist but Kind Laundry does a really good job explaining them each, how they work individually and together, and their formulation. 

I LOVE when a company is very open and honest about how they do what they do and you’ll find that here!

And bonus…

All of these ingredients are plant derived, gentle, non-toxic, allergen free, and biodegradable!

How Do Kind Laundry Detergent Sheets Hold Up To Dirty Clothes?


One of my kids…not mentioning any names…got fruit all over his shirt and then didn’t quite make the toilet. 

Here’s a picture of said shirt before…

The best laundry detergent to buy will clean this shirt.

And after…

The best laundry detergent to buy cleans shirts.

This fresh, clean shirt smells so nice! You would have never known he pee’d on it!

My family is rough…I mean ROUGH on our clothes. We’re farmers who let our kids run barefoot and free in the dirt every day so we have stains FOR SURE that no laundry detergent will take out. 

But, our clothes come out so clean and fresh that it is amazing the difference from what goes in the wash. 

I had to add essential oils to my “natural” laundry detergent in order for it to even smell “clean” not to mention fresh.

If you find you’re clothes are too dirty, you can always add a second sheet. I have not had to add a second sheet thus far! 

How Well Does it Wash Blankets?

Blankets are now one of my favorite things to wash. 

First off, I LOVE to hang dry blankets. The sun really does freshen them up. 

I’ve only been using one laundry sheet on my blankets and I am so amazed at how clean and fresh they come out even outside of the sun. 

I use to hate doing blankets, but now I actually wash them quite often because I just love the way they smell.


The box is super small…check out this lovely picture my daughter took of me and the box. She had me pose!

The best laundry detergent to buy in 2021 is Kind Laundry.

All of their packaging is compostable and recyclable. 

And since your soap dissolves with the wash, you’re left with a zero waste product. 

When you’re trying to live more sustainably, this is seriously the way to go.


The laundry detergent sheets may be a little costlier than you’re used to depending on what brand of detergent and where you’re buying it from. 

Let’s be honest, the name brands really aren’t cheap anymore. 

I actually find that these sheets have been more cost effective for me because they’re premeasured and I’m not wasting a whole bunch of liquid that is still left in the cup or down the jug or peeling off the paint on my washer. 

Overall, they’re a better deal so don’t let the initial price scare you off. 

It works out in the end. 

Plus, I’ve partnered with Kind Laundry to give 10% off your first order (use code KLSS10) for all of my readers! 

Score! Savings!

Final Thoughts

You absolutely need to try these. 

When your huge, messy jug runs out, pick up some Kind Laundry detergent sheets. 

They do the job, they’re cost effective, and zero waste!

AND you can get 10% off your first order using code KLSS10!

Kind Laundry is the best laundry detergent to buy in 2023!

If you’re ready to jump on the zero laundry detergent waste gravy train, order your sheets here using code KLSS10 for 10% off!