How to Trellis Tomatoes: The Insane Time Saving Technique

How to Trellis Tomatoes: The Insane Time Saving Technique

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It’s that time in the season where your tomatoes are in full swing and you have to learn how to trellis them!

They’re climbing little things and they’re going to need some help from you!

There are so many different techniques out there that can help you learn how to trellis tomatoes but we’ve found one that saves so much time and effort!

So if this is your first time ever trellising tomatoes or if you’re a pro but always stayed with the ole’ faithful tomato cage, you may want to try the Florida Weave!

Why Trellis Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a vine plant that loves to climb. 

You can most certainly leave them on the ground. We’ve actually seen experimental farms that do. 

But when you leave them on the ground, the fruit can come into contact with the ground making them really susceptible to disease and rot.

Plus, they’re quite a big plant so when left on the ground, they don’t give you much space to walk and looking messy in your garden.

You can also plant more tomatoes in a smaller area because you’re using vertical space rather than having them all over the ground. 

How to Trellis Tomatoes Using the Florida Weave

Here’s a video of how it’s done so you can see it all in action. 

1. You’ll need two stakes. We use t-posts because they’re sturdy and stay in the ground well. 

2. Gather your supplies. You’ll need tomato twine, a PVC pipe, and a strap to wrap around your waste. You’ll want to thread the twine through the pipe and thread the spool of twine through the strap, to make it like a belt. Essentially you’re making a spindle-type setting where you can easily roll through the bed and not get caught up in releasing the string.

How to trellis tomatoes: tools needed.

3. Tie a knot on one t-post to get you started.

How to trellis tomatoes starting with typing a knot on the first t-post.

4. Weave back and forth through the tomatoes. You do not have to go through each and everyone one if you have a lot, but every couple or so. 

How to trellis tomatoes: weave the twine between the tomatoes.

5. Wrap around the 2nd t-post and come back, weaving in the opposite direction. 

How to trellis tomatoes: wrap around the t-posts and go back.

6. At the original t-post, you’ll want to pull taut, cinching up the tomatoes. 

How to trellis tomatoes: pull taut.

7. Wrap around a couple of times on the original t-post and tie off. 

How to trellis tomatoes: wrap and tie off.

8. Repeat the process as the plant grows, about every foot or so.  

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Trellis Tomatoes

When do I trellis the tomatoes?

When they’re about a foot tall, you’ll want to start trellising them.

How do you train tomatoes to climb?

In this Florida Weave technique, you essentially force them to climb because you’re pulling taut on the string, tightening them up, and fixating their posture in a vertical position.

How high does the trellis need to be?

The trellis will eventually get to about 5-7 feet tall. You’ll want to repeat the Florida Weave process every foot or so of growth. 

Can I use the Florida Weave technique in a raised bed?

Yes, you can. You may have to get a little handy with the shape and size of your raised bed and make sure to plant tomatoes close to each other. But the technique will still work. 

Can I use any ole string or rope?

You definitely want something that is going to be easy on the plants. Using any ole string can cut and irritate the plants causing them to be damaged and not produce good fruit. 

You should use tomato twine like this one. It’s biodegradable and easy on the tomatoes. Then when you clean up your plants at the end of the season, you can throw it all into your compost pile.

Final Thoughts

If you’re into growing tomatoes and want to learn how to trellis tomatoes, you should definitely try this technique. 

It saves so much time and effort and can be wonderfully used in your garden space.
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