5 Ways Gardening Can Change Your Life

5 Ways Gardening Can Change Your Life

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I don’t know how much you know of our story. 

So here’s the quick version. 

Pete and I did NOT come from gardening families (for sure not farming families). 

And definitely not from families that were vegetable-forward. 

When we were dating, I made him a romantic meal of ramen noodles cooked in a crockpot. 

I remember being so proud of myself because I was so fancy to use a crockpot. 

We waited for hours for that meal just to find out I never turned it on. 

Back then, we also never went outside! 

You would only have seen us as we were entering the house from our cars. 

Am I ringing any bells here?

You may be living healthier than we were or maybe you do play outside with your kids…

But maybe your lifestyle isn’t what you think it should be. 

Maybe you sit behind a computer screen too long and you’re looking for something more. 

Well…let me share with you how gardening can change your life.

5 Ways Gardening Can Change Your Lifestyle:

(In no specific order)

1. More in tune with nature. 

This seems so cheesy, right? 

But it’s so true. 

This is something we’re missing in our culture anymore. 

There is something so majestic about feeling the dirt…getting it under your nails and all over your arms/legs/face…and working in it. 

It’s actually really good and healthy for you! There are so many microbes and energy forces in the dirt that our body craves.

That’s why you hear a lot about “grounding” or “earthing.” This is the practice of walking in the dirt barefoot. 

Your feet have the biggest pores in your body and all of that “nature” just runs right through you. 

It’s actually very healing.

Another thing I love too is working with the bees. 

They’re just flying around getting their nectar while you’re tending to their plants. They’re not bothering you and you’re not bothering them. You’re working together for a common goal. 

There is a life like no other. When you walk into your garden, you feel it. You feel the life of the hundreds or so plants that you have in there.

It will bring you to life. 

2. A Sense of Pride

This can be hard to feel nowadays with everything going on. 

When you are working in the garden, there’s a sense of pride knowing that you’re the one bringing life to your food and giving it all it needs. 

It’s a different sense of pride than getting that promotion at work, or fixing the car, or washing all the laundry in the house. 

This is natural.

This is connection to your food.

3. No turning back from fresh veggies

When you start eating a diet full of FRESH veggies, there ain’t no going back. 

I’m so thankful there are still a ton of farmers out there that are supplying the grocery stores. Because without them, we’d have a VERY different way of living for sure. 

But, when you’re producing your own and are eating them every day, you’re going to see a huge difference in how nutrient-dense and flavorful fresh veggies really are.

The longer they’re off the vine, the less nutrient value and flavor there is…and this is what happens with store-bought veggies. 

You will actually appreciate your meals more and will want to cook more. 

I know…I said it…you will WANT to cook MORE!

4. Legacy

I’m going to be honest…I suffer the same as you with my children and eating their veggies.

They don’t always like them or eat them.

But, my children will tell you that they will always have a garden. 

They know that that is something everyone should have, know how to do, and participate in. 

It’s just a way of life. 

We’re advancing in an age where somehow these gardening skills got lost and there is not a lot of that skill being passed down. 

And it should be from now on.

And you can change that now with your kids. 

5. Self-reliance

2020 threw us all for a loop, right?

One scary thing that so many people encountered was that we’re all reliant on the “system” to provide for us. 

But when that system fails, then what?

How are you supposed to feed your family?

When you know how to grow your own food, that thought is a little less scary. 

I call it the Zombie Apocalypse…if a zombie apocalypse happens and there’s a camp of non-zombies…are you going to be valuable to them? Are you going to have the skills needed for survival?

I know it can seem a little far fetch, but this is a thought in the back of a lot of peoples’ minds. 

So here’s the thing…are you ready to change your lifestyle? 

Are you ready to encounter these things I’ve listed?

Are you ready to start your own garden?

If so, grab a copy of our Start Your Garden Workbook.

If you’re already gardening, comment below and let me know some ways gardening has changed your life. 

I love seeing the responses!