Ready to have a luscious vegetable garden in Texas - but don't know how?

Learn to garden in Texas in just 3 hours!

What if you never had to think about how hard it is to garden in Texas again?

With The Texas Technique, there's no need for discouragement and defeat. You'll learn how to have a beautiful vegetable garden in Texas that provides your family with food all year.

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in just 3 hours!


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Tell me if this sounds like you...

  • You struggle with your ground soil. It is so rocky it should have its own 5 movies!


  • You call yourself a brown thumb because you kill everything you see!


  • You feel defeated because you've been an excellent gardener before but just can't seem to get it right in Texas!


  • You wish there was a way to know what and when to plant your vegetable garden in Texas because you're planning has been, let's just say, a little off!

What if there was a way you could have a thriving, productive vegetable garden in Texas?

Home gardeners come up to me almost daily with their struggles of getting their vegetable garden to survive in Texas.

They've had these beautiful gardens in other states but cannot get their skills to work specifically here in Texas.

That's why I created The Texas Technique. 

I want to help you overcome the Texas oddities that make it so challenging to grow vegetables!


This is a program where I'm going to show you...

  • How the Texas weather affects your garden


  • What kind of soil you need or how to fix your own


  • What tools you'll need to conquer Texas gardening


  • And have a plan of action on what to plant when

Hi! I'm Becky Tamez!

My husband and I started started vegetable gardening 10 years ago. Within 4 years, we took that garden and built it into a 2 acre urban vegetable farm business. 
I created The Texas Technique because I see so many home gardeners struggle with keeping their vegetable garden alive. I want to share my success of only ever-growing vegetables in Texas, with you!

My goal with The Texas Technique is to see you succeed and feel the life of your very own Texas vegetable garden.

Right now you're struggling with...

The heat of the Texas sun killing your vegetable plants year after year.

Unruly, unworkable soil. How are you supposed to work with that??

Dead plants and not knowing why.

Imagine if your garden looked like...


And your vegetable plants looked like this!

And your harvest looked like this!

It totally can!

OK! So what exactly is
The Texas Technique?

Texas is HUGE!!

And it's got all these quirks about it that can make gardening so completely hard for those who haven't experienced it before.

Since I've only ever grown vegetables in Texas, I thought I'd show you what I've experienced and how our farm is able to manage growing vegetables on a large scale in Texas.


You just gotta know how!

And that is what The Texas Technique is all about...

 A method in which you garden to make sure your plants (and harvest) are the best they can be while dealing with all that Texas has to bring at you!!

Here's what you'll see inside The Texas Technique

Detailed Video Training

A full, detailed description of how exactly Texas is different than any other part of the U.S. and why you need to know this.
$130 value

The Chocolate Cake Method

My system for how to work with unruly and uncooperative soil.
$97 value

The Dirt Path To Success

A step-by-step process on how to master a garden in Texas. $67 value

The Toolkit

A list of the tools you will need to successfully garden in Texas.
$27 value

Planting Plan For Your Zone

A year-long planting plan of what to plant and when to plant it for each of the 4 zones in Texas.
$49 value

Planting Plan For Your Zone

A secret Pinterest board with loads of small garden design ideas to fit all your needs.
$20 value

Who is The Texas Technique for?

Really the question should be, "Who is The Texas Technique NOT for?"


It is designed for anyone who wants to garden in Texas and is struggling with it.

Whether you're an experienced gardener from another state or just starting off,

The Texas Technique is for you!

 Experienced Gardener

Just moved to Texas and had a beautiful, successful garden before. But, it fails over and over and over again so I've just given up

A Mom of Little Ones

A mom who wants to start a vegetable garden with her kids so she can teach them where food should come from and wants them excited about vegetables.

Newbie Gardener

Someone who wants to live more sustainably but doesn't know where to start because they say gardening in Texas is HARD! 

Grab The Texas Technique TODAY!


Now Only $27

Lock in this low price today! The price will go up soon!

What they're saying about The Texas Technique

"I love The Dirt Path to Success!" I'm a visual person and this just gives me the steps to get started!"

"I've already tried Texas gardening and it's failed. I'm now willing to try again!"

FAQ about The Texas Technique

"Wow! All this for just $27?? Really?"

Yep! This is all worth 10x what I'm charging!

That's because I sincerely want to see you succeed with a vegetable garden in Texas.

Everyone has the right to be able to provide for themselves...


gardening is becoming a lost art.

Just because you're having trouble with it here in Texas, doesn't mean you need to lose that skill forever!

It just means you need a little help to pick yourself back up and be able to garden where you live now!

And that is what The Texas Technique is designed for!

"Wait! I'm not ready to start a's not Mother's Day."

You don't have to wait until Mother's Day to plant a garden in Texas.

You can garden ALL YEAR LONG.

The Texas Technique will prepare you with a monthly plan of what to do when and what to plant when.

"What should I expect if I follow The Texas Technique?"

No more Googling "how to garden in Texas" and trying to piece everything together. 

All that information has been done for you, collected in one spot, and delivered on a silver platter!

Plus, if you follow The Texas Technique, you'll see your vegetable plants go from death's doorstep to "I can't possibly eat all this bounty!"


How awesome are you going to feel knowing that you master the craziness that is Texas? 

"How long do I have access to The Texas Technique?"

You will have lifetime access!!

So no need to worry if you're just starting off or maybe you have a toddler at home that DOES NOT allow you to do anything but hold him...

You can view all the information on your time!


As I update the course, I'll send you a personal email letting you know it's been updated so you can take advantage of any new Texas Techniques this farmer girl right here has figured out!

"What type of file is this?"

You're going to get 5 fully descriptive videos from me teaching you about all things Texas and you get to check them off as you complete them.


Plus...there are 6 PDF files, including a toolkit, insect resource guide, and a planting plan that you can download and print!

"Can I buy this, try this, then ask for a refund?"

Due to the nature of The Texas Technique being a digital file - and you can consume within a couple of hours - we do not offer refunds.

But you don't have to keep your fingers crossed and hope it works...

Try it out and see!

"Alright!!! I'm in!! Teach me The Texas Technique! How do I join?"

I'm so excited for you! This is going to totally help you in your journey of Texas gardening!!


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Grab The Texas Technique TODAY!


Now Only $27

Lock in this low price today! The price will go up soon!